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Texasmint Pressure washing

May 6th, 2009


Is your commercial business property in need of a major or minor clean up? Are there dirt, grime and stains making your business an unwelcome site for customers? Are you tired of looking stains, mold, and grit? Is the business in need of a cleaning overhaul? Would an aesthetic make over solve the problem? Is the filth and dirt making the work environment an unsafe place to work? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then Texas Mint Commercial Washing is the answer for you.

Texas Mint has specialized in commercial washing since it started in business in 1994 and has continued to excel and expand their pressure washing services in Houston. As experts in the industrial cleaning field, their unique processes are superior to other companies; they get your property noticeably cleaner, without damage, and can get into even the smallest of corners or the tiniest of spaces. Excellent high pressure washing in Houston, Texas is synonymous with Texas Mint.

As Houston’s leading pressure washing company, they proudly serve the greater Houston area, including Sugarland, Katy, and Clear Lake. They have fifteen years of experience in this field, so they are familiar with all of the distinctive cleaning challenges found in the Houston area. With the high heat and humidity, mold and other cleaning problems can rapidly arise. When you need professional cleaning services, you need Texas Mint. Nobody does pressure washing in Houston better than they do. So what is so special aboutthe cleaning processes? Most companies try to use a combination of cold water and high pressure to complete the job but Texas Mint uses extremely hot water and can still do a complete clean up with pressure that is usually less than 4500 p.s.i. This insures that the job will be done better and cleaner without any property damage. In most cases, the job can be completed without hash chemicals so that there is no need to be concerned about the safety of expensive trees, bushes and plants. Because they are environmentally friendly, there is no toxic runoff or contaminants to contend with. With their automatic water retrieval system, there is no chance for pollutants to wash down the drain.

The Houston power washing business is very competitive, so how did they become the best pressure washing company in the area? They did it by offering great service and customer satisfaction but how did they do that? They did it by constantly improving their services, hiring great people, and giving the customer peace of mind. With every job, their goal is to constantly amaze the customer.

Our technicians use mobile, highly maneuverable, self contained units that deliver hot water to even the smallest of places. They can bring our equipment to any customer site and still be able to provide superior service. With water temperatures of up to 250 degrees, every surface comes out spotless. Then, the pressure is customized and set to each individual situation and this will insure that all pollutants, grease and dirt will be removed. Their people have proved that they are the top pressure washers in Houston. Not only are they fully qualified and trained technicians but they are also commercial washing experts. They know the business and not only will they do a superior job but it will be completed on time.

If you have any reservations or concerns about pressure washing, Texas Mint will take all the worries away from having these services performed at your business. They are fully insured, have references available on request, and will offer a guarantee on all work that is completed. They are the pressure washing pros in Houston. The pressure washing market is very competitive and Texas Mint is at the top. Their guarantee and price make them the best in the business. Their price will meet or beat those of any of our competitors and any price that was quoted will be honored for up to 30 days.

Every appointments and job will be done on time, every time with no exceptions. When an appointment is scheduled, Texas Mint will be there on time. No waiting around for our technicians to show. Texas Mint offers high pressure cleaning services to a myriad of Houston businesses. Almost any type of business has a need for their cleaning services. Restaurants, multi family buildings, parking lots and almost every other business building are candidates. Any type of business that deals with customer traffic needs to keep their premises clean, sanitary, and appealing. In order to maintain this look, Texas Mint high pressure services are a must. How can this program be maintained?

Texas Mint offers a simple, no sweat, one year contract to commercial customers. High pressure cleaning will be done on a monthly basis for the length of the contract. There is no need to schedule appointments and the service will be done on a regular schedule. Their high quality cleaning will keep your business sparkling clean. High pressure cleaning in Houston could not be any easier. For those customers who don’t need regular cleaning services but still have large cleaning jobs, there is a plan for them also.

Special cleaning or one time jobs can be suitably arranged at the customer’s convenience.

Hiring professional pressure washing services in Houston is a much better option than trying to do the job yourself. The cleaning companies have the experience to do the job cheaper, better and faster. They have all of the latest state of the art equipment that can do the job correctly and properly. Those attempting to do the job themselves will be disappointed with the results and may end up re doing the job. In the long run, hiring a company is the best choice; it will be much easier. Hiring the best Houston power washing company is easy too. Simply call Texas Mint Commercial Washing and they will address all of your cleaning needs with a professional staff that will exceed your expectations. They will not disappoint.


This week's tip:

Do's and Don’ts When Power Washing
  • DO wear proper eye, face and hand protection when operating the equipment and power washing.
  • DO attach nozzles and/or accessories completely before starting the machine.
  • DO keep hands and feet clear of the cleaning nozzle at all times.
  • DO consider using a special cleaning agent if the surface shows heavy dirt and grime.
  • DO follow the equipment manufacturer's directions with respect to distance between the spray head and the surface -- typically 6" to 10" while power washing, although this varies with the PSI and spray width settings. (Moving too close may harm the surface; staying too far away may be ineffective.)
  • DO work from the top of the wall to the bottom, rather than vice versa. Otherwise, dirt and mildew will run down over the already-cleaned section.
  • DO direct the water at a downward arc when cleaning wood substrates. Spraying wood head-on can damage the siding.
  • DO power-wash the surface thoroughly.


  • DON'T fill the fuel tank while the engine is running.
  • DON'T leave the nozzle in a closed position for more than a minute or two while the equipment is running. The pump may overheat.
  • DON'T try to repair a leak in the hose or connection while the system is under pressure.
  • DON'T aim the power washer at an upward angle when cleaning lap siding. This can drive water behind the siding. Also, the force of the water can lift the siding from the wall.
  • DON'T spray stucco, brick or masonry walls straight on. The force of the spray can cause water to penetrate cracks in the walls and cause damage within.
  • DON'T aim the spray at windows or glass doors. The force is strong enough to shatter them.
  • DON’T let the machine run for several minutes without pulling the trigger gun.
  • DON’T point the wand to an animal or a person during the power washing process.



Professional Power Washing Services That Satisfy

By : Shane Hester

Learn the benefits of hiring a pressure washing company to do your exterior cleaning and which services are better left to the professionals.

The exterior of your home is a reflection of you. It's also a probable indicator of what the interior of your home is like. Real estate agents know a home's exterior appearance is important to its resale value. Therefore, the cleaner and more maintained it is, the better. A sparkling exterior makes your home aesthetically pleasing for your enjoyment, as well.

When it comes to maintaining that clean exterior, professional power washing services can do the job for you. With these services, you pay for their expertise while saving yourself time and hassles. You may even save yourself money. A quality power washing service can do the job right the first time and ensure it is done thoroughly. This means your exterior may not need cleaning for a while.

Doing the job yourself may require more than one washing to achieve the same effect. You may use more water and cleaners to get the job done, which costs you extra money. You also expend a lot of time and energy doing your own pressure washing. Using a reasonably priced professional service alleviates these concerns.

When you employ the services of a power washing company, the benefits are many. First, if you use a reputable service, the work will come with a guarantee. If they don't perform their work properly the first time, they will do it again, free of charge. This isn't likely to be a concern with a quality company, but things do happen.

Second, professional power washing services normally have state-of-the-art equipment. This means they can employ the proper spray apparatus for the particular situation. You may have an exterior section that is sensitive to very high pressure. A professional service can apply the lower pressure that an area may require. An experienced firm also knows different surface types and the ideal way to apply pressure cleaning to each unique surface.

Third, it's generally safer to have power washing services performed by experienced professionals. This is especially true if you have high exterior areas and difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies on your home. You don't have to worry about using ladders or leaning out a window to get the job done. Professionals can do it properly while you sit back and relax.

When choosing a power washing service, it's important to select a licensed and insured company. You protect yourself from unreliable scammers who only want your hard-earned money. Check to make sure the power washing company you choose is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

You also want to choose a pressure cleaning service that gives good customer service before, during and after the job. Before you hire them, they should offer you a free estimate for the work they will perform. You also will want them to give you advice and tips for maintaining the exterior quality of your home.

While they are working on your home, you want a company that will alert you to any exterior defects or problems they notice on your home. You also want a firm that respects your property and performs their work carefully in order to preserve your finishes and exterior surfaces. When the work is complete, you want a company that will follow-up with you to make sure there were no problems. You also want them to be available for any other advice you may need for maintaining your home's exterior.

Reputable power washing services will be professional, fairly priced and prompt in their completion of a project. They will have customer testimonials and written references ready for you to check. Above all, they will have experience that they can pass on to you in the form of customer support.

Using a pressure cleaning service for house washing is a matter of maintenance. You ensure the exterior of your home is free of harmful substances that can cause surface deterioration. This means you will have lower repair and upkeep costs.

With house washing done by professionals, you ensure your home has an attractive outer appearance that can increase your profit in a real estate transaction. Employing a professional power washing service means your home gets the royal treatment and you can feel like the king or queen of the castle.


Thoroughly Clean Your Wood Deck Before Staining

By : Shane Hester  

Get informed on how to clean wood decks and why it is an important step before staining.

A beautifully maintained wood deck enhances the look of a house and the general outdoor environment that surrounds it. Proper cleaning and staining of a wood deck will allow you to enjoy it for many years. Whether you're entertaining or enjoying quiet times with your family, a properly maintained deck enhances any occasion.

Pressure cleaning is an efficient way to get your wood deck looking great. Decks take a beating throughout the year, especially in climates where there are extremes in temperature and weather conditions. Wood decks face constant exposure to the elements. Sunlight, grime, dust and mildew, as well as animal and human traffic, constantly bombard a deck's surface. On top of that, add the wearing effects of rain, ice and snow. All these things cause wood to break down and deteriorate.

All these factors can cause substances to become embedded in the wood. When it comes time to wash your deck, either as part of a general cleaning or to get it ready for staining, you're likely to find it's not an easy job. While common household cleaners may get rid of some surface dirt and grime, they can't do the heavy-duty cleaning that pressure washing can.

Think of what you've seen accumulate on your wood deck. More than likely, you've seen tree sap, bird droppings and greasy substances that have found a home on your deck. In addition, there are often rust stains from metal clasps, braces and nails. There is quite a buildup of residue on a wood deck's surface. This is the case whether it's coated or uncoated. Coated wood decks tend to lose their coating eventually and require refinishing as they accumulate dirt and stains.

The best way to get all of these unwanted substances off fast is to use a pressure washing system. A quality power washing apparatus can save you time and money. The force of the water action, concentrated to provide maximum cleaning power, means you get the job done faster. The water pressure does the nitty-gritty work, so you don't have to use expensive de-greasers or other cleaning agents as much, if at all.

Pressure washing provides the optimally clean surface condition that is needed before you can stain your wood deck. Staining provides increased protection from the elements, but there is no use attempting to stain your wood deck if it still has dirt and other harmful residue. When you stain wood that is still dirty, you trap damaging particles on it. This causes it to deteriorate as these particles continue to infiltrate the wood under the stain coating. Power washing eliminates unwanted substances so your staining solution covers an ultra-clean surface. This makes your deck's finish appear attractive and vibrant.

Pressure cleaning of a wood deck is a wise alternative to scrubbing with corrosive cleansers. Many cleansers can themselves cause wood to wear and have a dull look. Power washing can do a job quickly and thoroughly, leaving the original wood free of harsh chemicals and abrasives. When you use a power washer of proper pressure for the size and type of your wood deck, you are using a powerful solution for getting stubborn stains out.

A quality power washer with a wide fan tip works well on wood decks. The wide fan tip will promote even spraying, which is safer for wood fibers. A good pressure washing system will get rid of mildew, fungus and penetrating dirt that cause wood to break down.

When you clean your deck, consider a pressure washing system. Its focused, powerful cleaning action can eliminate the need for detergents. That makes power washing environmentally friendly and efficient at the same time. With pressure washing, you have an immaculate looking deck. And because power washing is fast, you have more time to spend enjoying that beautiful deck.


Power Washing

Submitted by: Dave Text

Power washing has now been easiest as well as the most reasonable way to boost the property importance of your house, yet it is extensively overlooked. It also revitalizes your external making it inviting to the possible homebuyers as well as customers. In excess time the exteriors tend to drop their unique luster you even don’t realize it unless it has established the facelift all through the power washing.

Power washing can also restore 'new look' to the dirty deck, walks, and patios also the fences. High-pressure water is needed in most of the cases. The flat fan works very best for the wooden surfaces, as the swirl the dirt-blaster tip dirt free the masonry surfaces most excellent way.

When cleaning the wood, particularly with the power washers above 2,000 phis then are cautious not to blemish the wood or else make it very 'fluffy' with lots of pressure at a close range. It is as well significant to clean the whole length of the board in order to prevent the start as well as stop marks.


You can start spraying cleaning tip away from surface also slowly bring the tip to the choice you like to spray the remaining of board. Use the steady, nonstop motion as well as carry on across the span of the complete board in its place of using the short, back also the forth motions.

What time you are cleaning the masonry surfaces, use a circular movement to reduce noticeable marks on the surface. Think about sealing the surface after it's been cleaned and allowed the proper amount of drying time.

Power washing is application of the high-pressure water squirt. A few of the most well liked services comprise the clean up of the concrete sidewalks, decks, the house siding, entrance, and the driveways. In hands of the qualified pressure washing person, the consequences can be amazing, as well as well worth the investment.

However, in hands of the unqualified individual, outcome can be fairly overwhelming. Water this has the power to cut the wood as well as damage most of the surfaces. In hands of the inexpert, the danger of harm is very much increased, if not predictable. Especially for homeowners that are unaware of this hazard, it has charge them dearly. Do not fall sufferer to this.

Pressure washing also requires the ability as well as information. They can shift spray wand more precisely, more constantly, as well as more efficiently, than the capable power-washing expert. Fail to understand the skill of trade also you might be setting by hand for not needed dissatisfaction as well as the costly damage.

Be in no doubt that any service provider you engage has a copy of this license and a extended record of performing employment in the region also; make sure them out with The Better Business Bureau organization for the feedback. an additional method to save from harm yourself is to use a corporation with certifications and affiliation in their business like The Power Washers of America.


Washing Made Easy By The Power Washer

Submitted By: Dave H Urmann

Power washers made all your washing works easy. It is so convenient and versatile to use that you wonder how you manage to go so long without.

The Power washers can be applied to wash your home’s brick or stone, its aluminum or vinyl sidings, the discolor spot or even the unpainted wood on the deck, your automobile, boat or your RV and more. It does a better job than a hand wash and it definitely do it faster. The problem in buying a washer specifically your first one is determining what to buy and how much you will have to spend.

The power washers are available in a number of varieties such as diesel, gas, and hydraulic and electric power washer. The power washer both supplied hot and cold water. It is for residential, commercial and industrial use. These power washers consist of various components like; hoses with the shape of a cylinder tubes with circular cross section that carry water through them to the nozzles. Large hoses are used for cleaning large surfaces with ease and without any interruption. The other components of power washer are the nozzles that are placed at the tip of the hoses.

Its main function is to control the flow of water. There are many varieties of nozzles available with varied spray pattern. The nozzles can provide 40 degree wide of spray as well as 0 degree narrow of spray but the 0 degree narrow spray is dangerous and cut through wood. The injectors are also one of the components of power washer, which infuse chemicals and soap into water that helps in better cleaning and are comparatively easier and faster.

Power washer has engines that power up the washers. Engines of the power washers were either run by gas, diesel or electricity. Its engine generates a lot of power. Most of the power washers are belt driven that consist of a pulley and belt system used to reduce the speed of the pump. It can slow down the pumping action into half of the speed of the engine. Power washers also have tanks that come in various sizes and are made from different kinds of steel like stainless, steel, mild steel, or carbon steel. That may be also made from plastic or glass. Power washer tanks are also known as immersion tanks or wash tanks. The horse power is the unit used to measure the work done by the power washer that determine the amount of power the machine has to clean the surface. Horsepower of the machine is directly proportional to the volume of pressure of water or both. The power washer can clean oil, grease and grime, corrosion and various other contaminants from different surfaces. It is also used for surface preparation. It can do both heavy duty and light duty cleaning jobs.

The power washers that are available today in the market are safe, durable, affordable and attractive too. Having a power washer is one of the best time saving tools to come along in years. Power washer works when it draws water from a resource that is usually an outdoor faucet but it can also be from a standing body of water like a pond, a lake or even for a small job, a bucket, this is at the back end of the power washer.

At the front end, it pumps through a nozzle at a much higher pressure than is available from regular sources such as municipal water supply or an artesian well. The intensified pressure coupled with anyone of a number of specialized nozzles configurations emits a spray that will simply wash the car or in the powerful modes, it can strip layers of paint off a wall or a deck. An intense water sprays can be made so effective that in certain industrial uses, it can be used to cut steel plate.